So we have said before that JSG Oceana glass sinks can be used in several applications – not just in the bathroom and kitchen. We continue to see JSG Oceana glass sinks pop up more and more in…wait for it…RV’s! YES! Let us reiterate that JSG Oceana glass sinks CAN be used in RV applications. What better way to spruce up your RV bathroom than with a beautiful, functional and completely maintenance-free product?! Let’s face it, RV owners…your RV is basically your second home, right? Then when it comes time to focus on the RV bathroom whether you are remodeling or purchasing brand new, don’t you want something that (just like in your home) will set you apart from everyone else? Don’t you want that “wow” factor? Well, you can have it! And guess what…it IS within your budget!

Take a look at these happy campers (or RV’ers as we can refer to them as) and what they most recently did to their home-away-from-homes!