1. Vessel sinks are interchangeable: Vessel sinks sit on top of the counter top or vanity and are effortless remove and/or install. Replacing an undermount or a drop-in is more challenging.

2. Vessel sinks are a conversation piece. This sink, after all, is the focal point of the bathroom…the item that the bathroom is centered around.

3. Vessel sinks allow for more space. If you currently have a recessed bathroom sink, the counter top or vanity space will be limited. Since a vessel sinks rests on top of the counter top or vanity, this allows for more space. Using a smaller sink, such as a 15” vessel would be the ideal choice if you go this route.

Rests on counter top or vanity


4. Vessel sinks allow for more space on the inside of a vanity. They allow for more storage space. You won’t have to deal with the bottom of an undermount or a drop-in sink occupying that valuable storage space.

Space inside of a vanity with a vessel install

vs. space inside of a vanity with an undermount install


5. Vessel sinks come in a variety of styles and installation options. You are certainly not limited to just round vessels. There are more stylish options out there, such as square or free-formed. As mentioned above, the sink IS in fact the focal point in a bathroom remodel. So why not consider something that will REALLY make a statement?

Cubix Vessel

Alina Art Vessel