Has your bathroom passed its expiration date? Here are some tips on how to tell if it’s time for a remodel.

Your bathroom should be a place of comfort — the environment that is a healthy combination of relaxing/soaking in the tub or rushing around trying to get ready and head out the door in an efficient manner. This is a place that you devote time to every day. You should not hate your bathroom.

Is the layout outdated? Perhaps the lighting is a little off? Ohh…and those pesky leaks. Below are 7 reasons as to why it might be time for a change:

Non-Trendy Colors

Funky 70’s-looking colors can be one of the most noticeable signs that a bathroom is out of date. Gray, black and white colorations are hot, hot, hot right now. Incorporating white has been very popular, as people continue to gravitate towards it while envisioning their remodels.

Poor Layout

Awkward bathroom layout? Ding, ding, ding. Another reason why it’s time for a change. Odd arrangements, such as having to reach more than an arm’s length for toilet paper or having the toilet directly next to the bathtub are believe it not, very common. Consider making some adjustments to make it easier on yourself.




Before you decide to continue pressing down on the Febreze button, consider fixing a persistent sink leak that is causing mold, adding better ventilation to a windowless bathroom and replacing a toilet’s wax seal (who knew?). All of these can make a HUGE difference for a fresher-smelling experience. If none of these work, this is yet another indication that it is time for a change.


If brown water stains begin to appear on the ceiling below the bathroom, it is definitely time to make repairs and updates. Consider replacing your current fixtures with ones that conserve water and speak more to your current style.

Not-So-Good Lighting

So it’s probably either one of two things when you flip on the light switch in the bathroom: 1.) You are either blinded by the lights that are overhead or 2.) It is so dim you can barely see yourself in the mirror. So where is the happy medium? Well, better light fixtures and brighter, more energy efficient light bulbs may be the first step on your path to bathroom remodeling.

Outdated Walls

If you have wallpaper or a ceiling layout that resembles popcorn still hanging around from how many years ago, your bathroom is due for a update.

Can you believe that wallpaper is making a comeback? Before you gasp, think about it in a new way. Some people are actually designing their wall coverings with wallpaper on both the wall AND ceiling to give it a different kind of “pop.”

No Room to Store

Calling all ladies: Are you able to store all of your essentials in your current bathroom? If not, this calls for some action.

Consider installing a larger vanity or if you like your current vanity and do not wish to change it, how about adding some shelves above the toilet? If you want to get really adventurous, you could even knock out a wall and steal a little space from another room to create a full blown linen closet.