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Our History

JSG Oceana is a subsidiary of Jeannette Specialty Glass, a corporation with a long history in the heart of America’s glass-making region. Over a century of excellence has earned JSG a reputation for manufacturing the highest quality of commercial, industrial, and residential glass products. In the 1990’s JSG began to specialize in the use of borosilicate glass, an engineered glass durable enough to withstand a variety of mechanical, chemical, impact, and thermal shocks. Jeannette Specialty Glass perfected its own formulation, known as “Hard Roc” glass and diversified its production capabilities to offer innovative and artful glass sinks, tile, and bakeware. Our product line continues to grow each year with all JSG Oceana glass products being produced in the USA by our skilled and dedicated American workforce.


A US Federal Contractor Verified Vendor

JSG Oceana is a US Federal Contractor Registration Verified Vendor. It is also a Woman Owned Business. US Federal Contractor Registrations is a registration firm who helps federal vendors. For more information on Woman Owned Businesses and the US Federal Contractor Registration, visit the USFCR website by clicking their seal to the right.

JSG Oceana Glass Company Profile

JSG Oceana, located in the historic “Glass City” of Jeannette, PA has gained fame for a variety of glass sinks, glass tiles, and our wide range of decorative glass products, including bakeware.

  • Bathroom Sinks
  • Kitchen Sinks
  • Cookware

For classic beauty, durability, and value, there is no substitute for JSG Oceana glass products.P1070104

An American Company

JSG Oceana believes “Made in the USA” is a source of national pride and becoming more so every day. All JSG Oceana glass products are made in our factory in Jeannette, Pennsylvania and stocked in our local warehouse providing minimal lead times. Founded in the heart of America’s premier glass making region in 1904, Jeannette Specialty Glass / JSG Oceana has earned a reputation for manufacturing the highest quality of borosilicate glass products for the commercial, industrial, and residential industries.

Strength and Durability

P1070102 - croppedWe manufacture our “Hard Roc” glass sinks, tile and bakeware with superior qualities that surpass our competition. “Hard Roc” borosilicate glass is a unique formulation that is more scratch and stain resistant as well as being shatter-proof as compared to the soda-lime glass that is currently on the market. JSG Oceana glass is also thermal shock resistant allowing it to take extreme temperature changes without damage. Our products are easy to clean and very hygienic. JSG Oceana sinks carry the UPC certification from IAPMO and have been approved for ADA installation. Our bakeware collection is Freezer, Microwave, Oven, and Dishwasher Safe with oven-to-table serving options.

Beauty and Value

JSG Oceana continues to evolve the technology and applications of “Hard Roc” glass to offer the consumer innovative products that are not only of superior quality but bring both beauty and functionality to a whole new level. The JSG Oceana line offers a wide spectrum of unique colorations and patterns to complement any kitchen or bathroom décor. Our sinks and tile are among the most beautiful in the world and we are acknowledged as a leader in the kitchen and bath industry offering both beauty and value that can fit any design or budget. Today, JSG Oceana glass products are available in showrooms all over the world.

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