At JSG Oceana, We Sell Bakeware Too

Set of 3Evaluate your own baking habits. Whether you are baking pies or whipping up meals for your family, you want your cookware to reflect the end result.

Every other major brand of glass bakeware is made from soda-lime glass which is a much cheaper type of glass to mass-produce that is likely to explore during normal use. Many consumer reports have tested and confirmed that the best type of glass to use for bakeware is borsilicate glass.

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Here at JSG Oceana, we manufacture the only shatter-proof borosilicate glass bakeware made in the USA.

Pie pan: Round and shallow with sloped or angled sides; holds a pie’s shape and its required fillings

Casserole bake dish: Comes in handy for meat and casserole recipes

Rectangular bake dish: Suitable for au gratin potatoes, breads and brownies

While these items are versatile and can be used to cook or bake a variety of delectable treats or meals, they are also microwave safe and can handle temperature fluctuations from freezer to oven to table. Warning: These items should not be used on a stovetop, broiler or grill.

This line of bakeware is shatter-proof, easy to clean, dishwasher safe and designed to last. Makes the perfect gift for weddings, baby showers, birthdays, anniversaries and any other special occasion!