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Bathroom Design Trends for 2019

With a new year comes brand new design trends for your bathroom. If you are looking to redesign your bathroom in 2019 or just update it, take a look at these trends.

  • “One Material” – Taking a trend from the 80’s and bringing it back, using the same material or patterns on the walls as the floor is a popular trend for this year. Monochromatic trends for bathrooms continue to grow. Using the same or similar colored tiles is a great way to incorporate this trend into your space.
  • “Big Impressions in Small Spaces” – To incorporate an “artsy” attitude in your powder room, adding large elements such as mirrors or plants is a trend for this year. If you’re worried about space or cannot fit large items, large-scale wallpaper is a great way to incorporate this trend in a small space.
  • “Neutral Palette” – This trend isn’t just for 2019 but has been a trend for several years and years to come. Keeping a modern feel with monochromatic elements throughout is a timeless trend for your bathroom. Using one color or material for the walls and floors but adding in accent pieces is a great way to achieve this look.
  • “Bold Black” – This trend began as a way to create a “spa experience” in your space. This trend returns in 2019 with a focus on bold, dark, and sultry designs. It is meant to have a “high-end” look in your space and can be achieved with using black colors for the walls and lighter accents throughout the room.
  • “Vanities in Front of Windows” – This trend is growing with placing vanities in front of windows in bathrooms. When there is a great view outside, why would you not want to look out when you’re using the sink? When this trend is utilized, the mirror is either placed on the end of the wall next to the sink or even suspended from the ceiling.

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