With the growing trend of ‘less is more,’ the kitchen and bath industry is seeing a growing interest in simple, clean line designs that are softened to promote the ease of cleaning. This reigns particularly true in bathroom sinks:

Oasis Rectangle Undermount

Oasis Vessel (can be installed as top of counter or semi-recessed)

Swirl Vessel

But while bathroom sinks are thought of as plain, generic white [most of the time], consumers are recognizing more and more of how they can transform their current space into a trendy, yet simplistic style to complement their tastes. This would include placing an emphasis on the focal point of the bathroom – the sink. Functionality, durability, ease of care and cleaning and the overall look should be your main focus when choosing a bathroom sink. Remember…less is more. No need to overdo it. JSG Oceana has a number of options to choose from, including both top of counter vessels AND undermounts – giving you all of the aforementioned and a product that is guaranteed to last a lifetime. Visit www.jsgoceana.com to learn more!