An outdoor kitchen is by far one of today’s hottest trends. It’s not just the outdoor grill that is being used to prepare food. Instead, homeowners are now choosing to prep, cook and enjoy just staying at home by installing their own outdoor kitchen.

One of the key ingredients to creating an outdoor kitchen for your home is choosing the right appliances that can withstand all of the weather elements. You want to be on the lookout for products that are specifically meant to be outdoors. This ensures season after season of non-stop enjoyment vs. the hassle of needing to replace items year after year. That could get very costly.

Aside from the grill and refrigerator, you need to choose a sink. The RIGHT sink.

JSG Oceana‘s kitchen/bar sink is the answer!

Install as a wet bar sink or a side-by-side. Either way, you will never have to worry about a scratch nor a stain. This sink is completely maintenance-free! And if you are feeling REALLY adventurous and are planning to add a garbage disposal to your outdoor kitchen sink, you can do so! This IS compatible with a garbage disposal.

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