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Glass Used for Healing Purposes?

Yep! According to Glass Magazine… “In recent years, glass has emerged as a critical design element for both hospitals and healthcare facilities. Glass on the interior and exterior allows natural daylight to penetrate deeper into buildings, promoting patient comfort and accelerating recovery.” Click to learn more!  

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Did You Know?

Jeannette, PA was termed the “Glass City” as once a flourishing city with 7 different glass manufacturing facilities. Today Jeannette Specialty Glass is the last glass manufacturer in this great town. With the onset of industrial lighting production being transferred overseas, JSG diversified and brought on new

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Swap out traditional, boring white tile for something that will really POP!

When choosing a tile backsplash for your bathroom, maybe forgo the traditional (and sometimes boring) white look that everyone else has. So step out of your comfort zone, as there are SO many options, design patterns and especially color choices for you to consider. Take a look…

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Give your sink a lift!

Give your sink a lift! The JSG Oceana vessel sink mounting ring not only looks pretty, but also comes in handy too! Those little hard-to-reach areas? No so hard anymore! With the JSG Oceana vessel mounting ring, you are able to clean underneath your sink! Available in 3

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Black…? White…? Both…? How do I choose?

Getting a little cabin fever? Well, if you are a Nor’easter that is. It has probably given you time to look around and see what can be done in terms of remodeling. Thoughts of remodeling your bathroom? Black and especially white are VERY trendy right now. In

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New Year. New Stuff.

A new year means new stuff! We are excited to announce that we will be adding to our Accessories category with the addition of Brushed Bronze. This new coloration will be available in a round pop-up drain, a square pop-up drain and a vessel mounting ring. Additionally,

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Coming SOON! Meet Brushed Bronze!

Coming in spring 2018…Meet Brushed Bronze! The newest coloration to the JSG Oceana Bath Accessories line! Brushed Bronze will soon be available in a round pop-up drain, a square pop-up drain and a vessel mounting ring! Stay tuned for details!

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Don’t Delay! Buy TODAY!

You STILL have time! Get your hands on JSG Oceana bakeware NOW! Perfect for those holiday pies or favorite casseroles that your family loves! ON SALE! TOTALLY FREE SHIPPING! Place your order today! Cookware and Bakeware

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40 Kitchens. One Common Ground.

So….you are envisioning a kitchen remodel. What colors will the cabinets be? The counter tops – quartz or granite? The sink? The appliances? It certainly be overwhelming – we get it. Don’t look so much into it though. Whether your taste is contemporary, modern or even traditional,

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One Word. Bakeware.

Okay so maybe it’s “technically” two words, but who’s counting? What COUNTS is what you are going to cook those festive holiday pies in or that yummy casserole that your family members look forward to every year that you only enjoy one time a year. Gotta love

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