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Glass Used for Healing Purposes?

Yep! According to Glass Magazine… “In recent years, glass has emerged as a critical design element for both hospitals and healthcare facilities. Glass on the interior and exterior allows natural daylight to penetrate deeper into buildings, promoting patient comfort and accelerating recovery.” Click to learn more!  

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Did You Know?

Jeannette, PA was termed the “Glass City” as once a flourishing city with 7 different glass manufacturing facilities. Today Jeannette Specialty Glass is the last glass manufacturer in this great town. With the onset of industrial lighting production being transferred overseas, JSG diversified and brought on new

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JSG Oceana in Your Beach Home!

Do you currently own a beach home or condo that you are looking to renovate? Might we make a suggestion? You want to go with something beach-themed (obviously). Something unique (that no one else has). And something that you especially won’t have to constantly maintain because…let’s face

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Take a Dip into JSG Oceana Glass Tile this Summer!

Yes – JSG Oceana is known for manufacturing glass sinks. But did you know that JSG Oceana also offers coordinating glass tile as well? Yep. AND this isn’t just any tile. JSG Oceana glass tile can be used as a backsplash, on a shower wall and….da da

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JSG Oceana in Commercial Locations

JSG Oceana in Commercial Locations   JSG Oceana glass tile and glass sinks are the perfect addition to any restaurant, bar, spa or other corporate remodeling project. For example, JSG Oceana provided tiling and its alina vessel sinks for a popular eatery, The Nest,  in its hometown of Jeannette, PA. In addition,

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JSG: A Member of the Green Movement

Go green! A popular mantra recently, being “green” or sustainable has become increasingly important throughout the industry. As we near Earth Day, we are seeing sustainable options stressed more and more. Here at JSG, we want to take part in this movement, ensuring that all of our

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Reasons why Glass Should be your Go-to Material

Glass, plastic, metal, or porcelain? For many, deciding what material to use when looking for a specific product or part can be a difficult decision. You need to determine what material best fits your needs and the end use of your application, while maintaining durability and stability.

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JSG and JSG Oceana are a “Roc” Solid Choice for your Glass Needs”

dual undermount sinks in a kitchen

It wasn’t so long ago that Western Pennsylvania was abundant with glass manufacturers. But as industrialization slowly diminished from the region, many of these manufacturing facilities grew cracked and shattered, leaving only stories and memories of past glass companies. Only a handful of companies stood up to

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