Choosing the Right Look for Your Kids’ Bathroom

KidsIt’s fun and easy to incorporate lots of color and character to make a bathroom inviting to kids. When deciding to remodel or design a kids’ bathroom, first decide on a theme. Bright colors and bold contrasts are highly suggested. Secondly, make it accessible. JSG Oceana can help to create a customized vantiy/sink combo that will assist the little ones with their bathroom routines.

In addition to the theme and accessibility, you want to consider a design. Go modern. Kids’ interests change so quickly so you don’t want to do anything too feminine or masculine; rather something in between. Using sleek and modern designs serves as a base for fun ideas to expand upon. Neutrals, shades of blue and green [highly recommended] or even bold prints are just some ideas to consider. For Kids Article 1

So many color combinations and designs to choose from, JSG Oceana can certainly assist you and your kids with this exciting project!