Okay so you found the perfect vanity for your new bathroom. Right size, appropriate height and most importantly, fits with the overall theme and isn’t too small or overpowering in the room. Now did you purchase this as a package; meaning was a white porcelain sink included with it? If your answer is “Yes,” we have another option for you. Now if you just purchased a vanity without a sink, we STILL have another option for you to consider.

Below are some examples of very popular and current sink models on the market – an oval undermount sink and a rectangle undermount sink. Porcelain tends to be a lower-grade material and scratches very easily. You definitely want something that is a superior material to where you will never have to worry about scratches or stains. Plus, it provides you with more of a decorative upgrade.

Oval porcelain undermount sink

JSG Oceana glass oval undermount sink

Rectangle porcelain undermount sink

JSG Oceana glass rectangle undermount sink