If you are an RV fan, you remember how an RV bathroom USED to look like…key phrase “used to.” Well, now there are more options than ever before.

Remodeling an RV is sort of like remodeling your home. Think about it…your RV is your home-away-from-home so you will want to put as much detail and design into an RV as you do your everyday home. This includes the bathroom. An RV bathroom (in most RV’s) is relatively small. If you have space and budget to expand, that is great. If not, you can certainly make do with what you have. Consider a remodel for your RV bathroom. There are so many directions to take it – from a new toilet to a new counter top or vanity and then comes the sink…the integral part of the whole bathroom. You want to ensure it is fully functional so you aren’t having to play plumber while on the road. There are so many options out there now when it comes to choosing the right sink…better yet, the right look for your RV bathroom.

You don’t necessarily need to stick with wood grain and porcelain. That’s so…shall we say…70s?! Go for a modern, yet comfortable feeling to where, again, you feel like you are at home.


Older RV Bathroom Samples


New/Modernized RV Bathroom Samples