…and you thought the next part was going to be White Christmas, right? Well, in actuality, that could be true. Just not in this particular scenario.

As most of us approach the beginning of winter (besides the lucky Southerners), we can prepare for cold days/nights, shoveling snow and potential ice – eek. Instead of focusing SO much on the thought of cold, warm up with thoughts of the outdoor kitchen/living area you would like to expand or even create next spring. This mindset will quickly turn from snowflakes to barbecues.

With not having much to do in the winter months, it’s a perfect time to start planning. Whether you are choosing to expand your outdoor kitchen or starting from scratch, it will still take organization, a careful thought process and of course, the fun stuff – the accessories (i.e. grill, furniture, counter top, sink).

So out of ALL of the accessories you have to choose from, what do you think should be the focal point? The ONE thing that will set YOUR outdoor kitchen apart from all of the others. The “wow” factor. It’s the SINK, of course.

Take a look at these awesome-looking outdoor kitchens…

They all have one thing in common. Can you take a guess? Anybody? It’s the sink, The SAME type of sink in all three photos. Don’t settle for the same. Settle for different. Settle for unique. Settle for completely maintenance and hassle-free. Choose JSG Oceana scratch, stain, heat resistant, USA-made glass kitchen undermount sinks! This will be the ONE item that you will never have to second-guess during your pre-preparation/thought process. Let us help you! Visit https://jsgoceana.com/product/glass-kitchen-undermount-sink/ to learn more!

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