October 4, 2019… In honor of National Manufacturing Day, Jeannette Specialty Glass/JSG Oceana is celebrating several milestones this year, including new equipment, improvements in efficiency and speed utilizing lean manufacturing and record breaking safety success.

Jeannette Specialty Glass/JSG Oceana, based in Jeannette, PA, specializes in the manufacturing of crystal clear borosilicate glass through a semi-automatic press shop. As JSG continues to expand with multiple product lines, including the launch of Pawsitively Approved Pet Bowls and Infinity Memorial Collection glass urns, the company has significantly expanded its labor force. “There is an increasing demand for highly skilled professionals in the manufacturing sector who can design, program and operate technology,” said Tom Kadar, Manufacturing Manager.

While JSG consistently reviews procedures utilizing lean manufacturing methodology and tactics, the company has also made many improvements in safety throughout the past year. Currently, the company is at 361 days without a lost time accident in the factory. With manufacturing incident rates being amongst the highest, JSG is exceptionally proud to show improvements and winning record. “We want to ensure that our employees leave work the same way that they came in and remove any concerns involved with safety. We want our employees’ families to feel good about them working here,” says Tom Kadar, Manufacturing Manager.

In addition to safety improvements, JSG is constantly focused on production efficiency.

Processes and procedures are evaluated on a monthly to see how with lowering costs and increasing productivity will ultimately benefit our loyal customer base. For example, thanks to incredible yield and process improvement, JSG Oceana (sister company of JSG) recently announced rollback pricing on all SKUs at over 30% reductions. This has never been done in the division’s 15-year history.

Manufacturing Day is an annual national event executed at the local level supported by thousands of manufacturers nationwide. JSG, a woman-owned business, is proud to be an American manufacturer and celebrate 40+ years in a flourishing industrial era with a promising future of continuous growth and contribution to the manufacturing of glass products.