Jeannette Specialty Glass/JSG Oceana Employee Recognition Award is presented to Chelsea Zamborsky.

Chelsea Zamborksy has been a member of the Jeannette Speciality Glass/JSG Oceana team for just under 1 year. Chelsea Zamborsky joined the team as the Sales & Marketing Coordinator in May 2018 and carried out various roles in digital & print marketing, website management, and customer relations.

Through hard work and skillful improvement, Chelsea Zamborsky was chosen to lead our Online Customer Relations department and spearhead new online customer development for all glass product categories. Her newest role encompasses social marketing & tradeshow coordination for our new line of glass pet dishes, and has found this to be a really creative and fun category! Chelsea Zamborksy will be traveling to Chicago in July to attend a Brand Event hosted by “Pet Retail World” featuring the pet bowls!

Chelsea Zamborsky has been a dedicated employee and continues to strive for excellence in her role at Jeannette Specialty Glass/JSG Oceana. She is a team player and always willing to learn more in various roles to expand her knowledge. She has proven to be a crucial component of the company.

Outside of her time at Jeannette Specialty Glass/JSG Oceana, Chelsea Zamborksy serves on the Jeannette Area Historical Society committee, where she helps with numerous events. She also enjoys spending time with friends and family, and travelling when she gets the chance!

Thank you for all of your hard work & dedication to Jeannette Specialty Glass/JSG Oceana, Chelsea!