Jeannette Specialty Glass/JSG Oceana is proud to announce that Bill Frye has been chosen as our Outstanding Employee for the first quarter of 2018!

Bill Frye has been part of the Jeannette Specialty Glass Maintenance team since his start date 2007. He has been working in maintenance throughout his career which began in 1990. Bill has worked for 4 different glass factories, all within the Jeanette area.

Bill specializes in system maintenance and checking systems on the hydraulic unit, pulverizor, conveyor, and maintaining the bag houses. When Bill first came to JSG, he started in the hot end and one of his first projects included the pulverizor.  His most impactful maintenance project was rebuilding the electric lehr. Bill’s supervisor, Dave Smitley designed the electric lehr and worked with Bill to have it rebuilt to be most efficient with Jeannette Specialty Glass’ production capabilities. Bill’s in-depth welding skills allowed him to rebuild the stainless-steel structure to what it is today.

Bill’s hobbies include camping and fishing and spending time with his wife, Peg of 37 years. He has two sons and 3 grandchildren.

Throughout his career, Bill has learned to appreciate the opportunities he has in his job and that you should perform your best when at your place of work.

Congratulations, Bill!