Learn About Glass

Blown Glass:

The ancient technique of inflating a gob of molten glass gathered on the end of a blowpipe. The glass blower, known as a “gaffer,” blows through the tube, gently inflating the gob, which is then shaped by rolling it on a marver, swinging it, or manipulating the molten glass with tools. Though Ocean Glass has a proud history going back over 100 years, our production methods today involve 21st century engineering and artistry, allowing us to create durable, beautiful, and affordable home glass decor products from more than 40,000 lbs of molten glass each day.

Borosilicate Glass:

A strong heat-resistant glass, borosilicate containsbowl-soup a minimum of 5 percent boric oxide, and was first developed by the German glassmaker Otto Schott in the late 1800s. Because of its ability to withstand a wide range of temperature variations, borosilicate glass is the glass of choice for cookware and refrigeration applications. Pyrex is one of the most famous brand names for a borosilicate formulation. At JSG Oceana, we have developed our own, unique formula for this durable glass, which we call “Hard Roc” glass.

Designer Glass:

A general term for glass used in decorating and architecture. Often, designer glass is hand made from soda lime glass by experienced artisans. This is an expensive process which can result in a relatively fragile product. At JSG Oceana, our modern factory processes use a special formulation of borosilicate glass known as “Hard Roc” to produce stunning, desirable items for the glass home decor market that are both durable and affordable.

Drop In:

When a sink is mounted within the surface of whitesmokea countertop such that the rim of the sink is visible above the countertop, it is called a “drop-in” sink. When a sink has been mounted from underneath the cabinet such that the rim is not visible, it is referred to as an “undermount” sink.

Floor Medallions:

A flooring medallion is a new concept in designer glass. Imagine a decorative design in durable, colorful JSG Oceana “Hard Roc” glass mounted as a central piece in your kitchen or bathroom tile floor. Flooring medallions brighten a room, add a stunning conversation piece, and bring a touch of elegance to any surroundings.

Glass City:

Jeannette Pennsylvania began in the spring of 1888, when several local farms were purchased for the development of the Chambers and McKee Glass Works. Its resources in coal and natural gas, location along early railroads, and proximity to Pittsburgh all provided the impetus for quick growth. The first glass blown was on May 20, 1889. In time there would be seven great glass factories and Jeannette has been known both as “Glass City” and “The American Workshop.”

Glass Home Decor:

In coloration, shape, its ability to reflect and bend light in marvelous ways, glass has come of age as that touch of elegance often reserved for precious metals. JSG Oceana Glass, LLC produces a wide range of beautiful glass items for the home, from our distinctive glass sink vessels to glass tiles, mirrors, glass top tables, vanities, flooring medallions, glass garden stepping stones, and our unique glass kitchen sinks.

Glass Kitchen Sink:

JSG Oceana Glass is proud tokitchen-sinks offer the only glass kitchen sink on the market. Truly stunning in appearance, our glass kitchen sinks come in a variety of elegant colorations. Made of JSG Oceana’s exclusive “Hard Roc” formulation of borosilicate glass, our glass kitchen sinks are durable and beautiful, as well as easy to clean and care for.

Glass Mold:

A glass mold is a special vessel into which glass is poured, pressed, or sometimes melted inside of. When the mold is filled with molten glass, the glass takes on the shape of the mold, allowing the production of pieces with a uniform shape and quality. Even so, glass production remains an art. At JSG Oceana Glass, the process of glass coloration retains a human element, and so each home glass decor piece created in our Jeannette factory is a unique creation, not exactly like any other.

Glass Tile:

Glass tiles define the notion of a clean, modern elegance. TileCompositionNothing else brings the grace of light to a room or outdoor location with quite the same brilliance as glass tile. At JSG Oceana Glass, our colorful tiles are perfect for indoor and outdoor locations, as well as both wall and floor applications. Our glass swimming pool tiles help merge the brilliance of water with the rich elegance of the pool itself.

Glass Stepping Stone:

Perfect for the dedicated gardening enthusiast, glass stepping stones provide a complement in light to the blossoms of spring and the height of summer’s flowers. Made of JSG Oceana’s special formulation of “Hard Roc” borosilicate glass, our stepping stones are durable, beautiful touches to any garden. They make the perfect gift for the gardener in your life.

Glass Vessel Sink:

The term “vessel sink” refers to a sink that is ChampGoldVessel-Tilemounted above the countertop, giving a bowl-like appearance to the finished installation. Glass vessel sinks have become a popular choice for bathroom and lavatory installations, simply because the glass, when mounted in full view, has the maximum ability to absorb and refract light in elegant ways. In fact, the same glass coloration is often given a different name, solely depending on whether the sink is mounted above the counter or within (done as an undermount or drop-in). The exposure of the glass to light alone causes a perceived variation in color.

Hard Roc Glass:

All JSG Oceana glass home decor items are made of JSG Oceana “Hard Roc” glass, a unique formulation of borosilicate glass created by Jeannette Specialty Glass. Borosilicate glass is the oldest glass to show high resistance to sudden temperature changes. In fact, borosilicate is the glassregencyped of choice for refrigerator to oven cookware. JSG Oceana sinks and tile can withstand repeated temperature changes between 0° and 212° F without damage. Unlike soft soda lime, Borosilicate is highly resistant to chemical corrosives and can be cleaned with any commonly used household or commercial strength product. JSG Oceana glass therefore will NOT become cloudy or rust marked over time. Borosilicate glass is both stain and stretch resistant.

Molten Glass:

When glass is heated to high temperature, it reaches a flexible state allowing it to be shaped in a mold, spun, woven, or blown. In this state, it can also be fused with certain ingredients and colorations, allowing it to take on an almost endless variety of beautiful shapes, textures, and aspects.

Pedestal Sink:

A pedestal sink can be one of the last words in elegance for your bathroom or lavatory. In this application, a beautiful glass vessel is mounted atop a distinctive pedestal, often providing an Old World charm not soon to be forgotten. In addition to their classic beauty, JSG Oceana vessel pedestals come in bronze, copper, and antique silver designs.

Undermount Sink:

When a sink has been mounted from underneath the cabinet such that the rim is not visible, it is referred to as an “undermount” sink. When a sink is mounted within theundermount-flowers surface of a countertop such that the rim of the sink is visible above the countertop, it is called a “drop-in” sink.

Soda Lime Glass:

The most common designer glass available, and still widely used, is soda-lime glass. It is inexpensive to produce and until the development of JSG Oceana’s “Hard Roc” formula would have been the glass of choice for applications such as decorative vessel sinks. JSG Oceana “Hard Roc” glass products will not crack or develop lines from hot and cold water usage like soda-lime glass products. JSG Oceana “Hard Roc” glass can withstand repeated temperature changes between 0° and 212° F without damage. “Hard Roc” glass has a low coefficient of Expansion, 3 times less than soda lime glass. This makes it useful for cooking, heating and other thermal environments, without the risk of breakage due to thermal shock. This is the main reason that JSG Oceana is the only glass kitchen sink on the market.

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