So you have all of the essentials for your new bathroom remodel – including your new vessel sink. There is one last thing for you to consider before the official installation of the vessel sink on your vanity or counter top: to include a mounting ring with the vessel or not to include a mounting ring. So what do you do? Well, you have some options…

Depending on what type of vessel you chose, a mounting ring is not necessarily required. For instance, if the bottom of the vessel sink is not flat, it is recommend that you install a mounting ring underneath it. This will help the vessel sink to sit properly atop the vanity or counter top so you don’t end up with an uneven or leaning sink.

Another reason for considering a mounting ring is to have something between the counter top (especially if it is a hard counter top such as stone) and the sink.

An additional benefit of the mounting ring is it allows you to be able to clean underneath the vessel. So for all of the neat freaks out there…this is PERFECT for you.

Lastly – a lot of people who purchase vessels and are considering a mounting ring simply like the “look” of it. See what you think…

Vessel with a mounting ring

Vessel without a mounting ring