Is an Open Vanity the Right Choice for Your Bathroom Remodel?

Extra storage under a vanity certainly has its benefits, although we continue to see trends in bathroom designs with open vanities. But before considering an open vanity for your bathroom remodel, ask yourself these questions:

1.) Does exposed plumbing and piping bother you? Not everyone likes this look. But if you are fan of the exposed plumbing and piping, this might be a good option for you. Chrome is typically recommended for exposed piping. This gives it a much cleaner look vs. an old, rusty pipe.

2.) How often do you clean/dust? Calling all you Danny Tanners out there. Depending on how often you dust your bathroom, an open vanity could potentially make the space look more unkempt. Dust bunnies (and NOT the cute ones you see on TV commercials) will burrow in and around gadgets in your bathroom. Now if you want the sleek, open look with a vanity, you may just have to join us neat freaks and add “dust” on your weekly to-do list.

3.) Do you need the storage? When remodeling a bathroom, the majority of people are concerned with lack of space. If you are a hoarder and like a lot of stuff shoved in between the door or any available off-storage space, an open vanity might not be the best fit for you. But back to the neat freaks…you have your organization skills down to a science, right? Well then you can certainly make use of an open vanity. Neatly folded towels and separate baskets to hold all of your necessary day-to-day items will give you a nice, clean look.

Another thing to keep in mind…which bathroom in your home is the vanity being used in? If you are considering an open vanity for a powder room, you really can’t go wrong. A powder room is typically not used on a day-to-day basis; therefore an open vanity will suffice.

Now if you are considering an open vanity for a master bath, you may want to take this up with your partner first. How much space will you both need? Will an open vanity be enough?  In this case, you want to consider sticking with a traditional vanity that includes storage space.

4.) Will you be storing towels underneath the vanity? If you are considering an open vanity to store extra towels, this may require a lot of folding to keep that sleek, clean look. You wouldn’t want towels just thrown onto the shelves looking unorganized. No one likes to walk into a messy, unkempt bathroom.

In conclusion, open vanities are definitely a hot trend right now. It all comes to down to your preference. Just remember to allow yourself enough storage and keep your bathroom habits in mind before considering an open vanity.

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