JSG Oceana Photo Contest

Complete the form below, and email your photos of JSG Oceana

product installations to: customerservice at jsgoceana dot com or click (here).

JSG Oceana will be awarding prizes for the best photos received.


All photos received before August 2, 2019 will be considered for the current contest.


Winners will be announced at 3:00PM EST on August 2, 2019.


Grand Prize:

Choice of a JSG Oceana vanity/sink package valued up to $2,500 

Vanity Package Project featured in a fall social media campaign that will run in September through October

Value of a Designer blog featuring contest winner and business

Acknowledgement in CEU Course Inclusion

Purchasing Preference for 1-Year



Choice of a JSG Oceana glass sink valued up to $1,000 

Sink Project featured in a winter social media campaign that will run in November through December

Value of a Designer blog featuring contest winner and business

Purchasing Preference for 1-Year





JSG Oceana Contest Entry Form

Submit this form AND (email) your photos.

Important Contest Information


Important Tips:

You may submit as many photos as you like, and it is recommended that for any JSG Oceana product, you take several. Photograph your subject from different camera angles, and use different camera settings, then just send all the photos you took. Only send large jpeg or Camera Raw files, the bigger the better, so take the pictures at the highest possible quality and resolution setting.


Official Disclaimer:

Refrain from sending any images that belong to someone else or that you do not have full rights to. You are entering this photo(s) as an honest and true effort of your personal creativity and unique artistic vision. Any photo sent to JSG Oceana may be used by JSG Oceana online or in print. By submitting, you grant JSG Oceana non-exclusive, royalty-free license to publish your submitted photo(s), in print or electronic form for advertising and promotion, as well as in marketable products now and in the future without further notice, permission, or compensation. Granted publishing rights are non-revocable.

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