Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Borosilicate Glass and Soda Lime Glass?

The most common type of glass sink and the cheapest to make is soda-lime glass. Soda-lime is among the highest expansion ratios of any glass giving it poor resistance to high and sudden temperature changes. Additionally, soda-lime glass has only fair resistance to chemical corrosives. Tempering can improve the temperature and impact resistance of soda-lime if the glass is true tempered.

Glass products made in foreign countries may not be tempered properly causing the product to become brittle and subject to cracking or chipping.

ALL JSG OCEANA SINKS AND TILE ARE MADE OF JSG OCEANA “HARD ROC GLASS” a unique formulation of BOROSILICATE GLASS created by Jeannette Specialty Glass. Borosilicate glass is the oldest glass to show high resistance to sudden temperature changes. In fact, borosilicate is the glass of choice for refrigerator to oven cookware. JSG Oceana sinks and tile can withstand repeated temperature changes between 0° and 212° F without damage. Unlike soft soda lime, Borosilicate is highly resistant to chemical corrosives and can be cleaned with any commonly used household or commercial strength product. JSG Oceana glass therefore will NOT become cloudy or rust marked over time.

What are the small particles inside of my JSG Oceana sink?

JSG Oceana sinks are made from a borosilicate glass. Crystallized glass is part of the natural art process of borosilicate glass production and a common contribution to the aesthetic value of JSG Oceana sinks.

Why is there a color variation within the same size and color sink?

JSG Oceana “Hard Roc” glass formulation is an art. The coloration process is hand applied giving each piece a distinct uniqueness that will compliment any décor and magnify the beauty of its environment. The color variation is most pronounced in the blue reflections and gold reflections sinks. When multiple sinks of the same colorations are ordered at the same time every effort is made to choose like sinks. Colorations are not guaranteed.

Is the color painted on the sinks?

No. JSG Oceana glass is a liquid borosilicate glass formulation poured into a mould, then the coloration is hand applied to each individual sink fusing the color to the glass at temperatures above 1000°

Is hardware included for installing your sinks?

We do not include hardware for the installation of an Undermount sink because the hardware required (nails or screws) are dependent upon the countertop (i.e. wood, marble, ceramic, etc.). Hardware for JSG Oceana sinks can be purchased at any hardware store. The Undermount is installed with “L” brackets and the appropriate screws.

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