The beauty, functionality, safety and versatility of Borosilicate Glass make it the perfect choice for your cooking needs. From baking, to serving, to storing – it’s aesthetically pleasing as well. Borosilicate Glass offers a number of benefits over other materials, such as metal, ceramic or porcelain pans. Borosilicate Glass bakeware is non-toxic, non-reactive and easy to clean.

You are looking to replace metal or even non-stick bakeware. Consider making Borosilicate Glass your first choice. Did you know that non-stick coatings applied to metal or ceramic have a tendency to release toxins at high temperatures (like those used in normal cooking and baking). While “safer” nonstick coatings have been developed, it is best to avoid chemical coatings in general and go with a pure and true material like Borosilicate Glass.

Because Borosilicate Glass has a slightly lower thermal conductivity than metal, it takes a little longer to heat, but it also retains heat longer. This is a great advantage – especially in the oven where temperatures naturally fluctuate. For instance, when the oven temperature drops a few degrees signaling the heating element to fire up again, a Borosilicate Glass dish is able to keep cooking right along at the same temperature and allows for even cooking.

Another benefit of baking in Borosilicate Glass is that it is clear. When filling a dish or pan, the ingredients remain visible and are evenly distributed. During baking or cooking, Borosilicate Glass allows you to monitor the progress on all sides, not just the top.

Overview of the benefits of Borosilicate Glass bakeware:

  • Non-toxic and non-reactive
  • Holds heat longer than metal & provides even cooking throughout
  • Easy to clean; dishwasher safe
  • Shatterproof
  • Freezer safe
  • Scratch & stain resistant
  • Thermal shock resistant

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