So you’ve purchased a vessel sink and now you need to decide how you want to install it. There are two common ways to display a vessel sink – top of counter or semi-recessed. Most standard vessel sinks are mounted above the counter which means they are installed on the surface. Most people that have a vessel sink prefer this option, as it is completely visible by all that use it.
Another option to consider would be semi-recessed. This means that the vessel sink is partially above the countertop and partially below the countetop as shown in the video. This installation method lowers the overall height of the sink; however still allows part of the vessel sink to be visible above the countertop. Please be aware that this installation method is a big more challenging for an installer and requires a precise hole to be cut in the countertop. If you cut the hole too large, this will cause the vessel sink to recess more than you intially desired. When a vessel sink is installed properly as semi-recessed, the sink is visually appealing and keeps the overall sink height lower vs. installing directly on the countertop.
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